Alternative Ways to Stop Smoking

Smoking cessation, just like quitting alcohol, or dieting, does not have a single solution which suits all. This is why there is a variety of both conventional and alternative treatments for managing the physical craving of nicotine and the mental obsession of smoking. Let’s start by breaking down some of the common choices first and then we’ll take a look at the alternative ways to stop smoking later in the piece. continue reading..

Quit smoking Products: There are so many of these so with the most successful in helping smokers to stop altogether by far. NRT or the Nicotine Replacement for Therapies are perhaps the successful one. These may include gums, patches, inhalers as well as nasal sprays. Tablets are also considered like (Zyban (Bupropion)) by which some of the smokers had found it effective. However, pills are usually prescription only and can result in some uncomfortable side effects in certain patients. Vape pens can also do a help on you.

Cutting Down Gradually: Although this sounds like a good idea in theory, it has little chance of succeeding with most smokers! A typical active smoker is a master at finding justifiable excuses, and the moment a little upheaval happens in their life, they reach for the tobacco. Cutting down is perhaps a method tried by most smokers who have just made a decision to quit, but very few can tell you they managed to stop and stay stopped by gradually cutting down until the desire to smoke was completely lifted.

Alternative Ways on how to Stop Smoking during 2009

Stop Smoking with Acupuncture: Like hypnotherapy, acupuncture is also gaining in popularity for those looking for alternative methods to quit smoking. Acupuncture is based a combination of ear acupuncture points which are said to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms which are often triggered when a smoker is deprived of nicotine.

smokingStop Smoking with Hypnotherapy: Hypnosis to quit smoking is becoming more popular with each passing year. This type of therapy does not come cheap and has little chance of working if the patient is skeptical about the practice. For those who do believe, or are willing to believe in hypnosis, the reports have been very positive. Hypnosis to stop smoking works by changing the attitude of the smoker so that stopping smoking becomes a strong positive thought and diverts the user attitude towards cessation.

Stop Smoking with Meditation: Meditation is all about finding inner strength and peace. It’s said that the habit and addiction of smoking cannot possibly exist in either the mind or the body when a person has achieved that inner peace and newfound strength by practicing meditation techniques. Both the thought of smoking and the act of smoking are negatives, and meditation works by removing, or dismissing harmful thoughts.

Stop Smoking with Aromatherapy: This is a softer approach to giving up smoking. Aromatherapy is more popular among women than men seeking to quit the habit. The special smoking cessation oil is said to be made up of eight essential oils which are intended to provide relief from the discomforts of nicotine withdrawal. E-juice brands can also be adapted here (

There are more alternative ways to stop smoking than those mentioned in this short piece. Hopefully, you now have an insight into a few of the more popular methods used successfully.