An Alternative to Smoking

When it comes to smoking, it’s safe to say we have a problem on our hands. Despite knowing the dangers of smoking for about 70 years now, give or take, cigarettes continue to be sold, warts and all, and anti smoking ads now use psychological torture to persuade the masses to quit instead of lobbying against the poison peddling big tobacco. The good news, however, is that there are safer alternatives available today that can, at the very least, help take the edge off of this harmful and addictive product. In case you’ve been living under a rock, I’m talking about vape pens. Vape pens provide a somewhat safer alternative to smoking, because instead of inhaling smoke, you’re inhaling vapor, hence the name, and this drastically reduces the harmful effects of smoking. However, that’s not all. Here are some of the other benefits of switching to vape pens: See more:

Social consequences of smoking

First and foremost, let’s consider the social consequences of smoking. For one thing, non smokers simply don’t like the smell of cigarette smoke, and so hanging out with friends and family can become compromised. On a similar note, the inability to smoke indoors means cutting into your work, social gatherings, and more. Vaping combats both of these problems. Vaping doesn’t have the second hand smoke problem that burning tobacco has, for starters. And, not only does the vapor you’ll be “smoking” not have a bad smell, but it also tends to be flavored and scented in a variety of pleasant ways, such as fruit flavors. For these same reasons, you can safely “smoke” indoors in many cases, depending on the establishment in question. All of this amounts to a nasty habit being made significantly less so, which will help you function much better in society, both on personal level and a professional level. Let’s be honest… you smell too, you won’t smell it but others who don’t smoke will smell you coming from a mile off, and if you have a beard it’s worse. The smell hangs to your beard.

Vaping is for the cool factor

Another benefit of switching to vaping is for the cool factor. Listen, I know we’re not supposed to think smoking is cool, but let’s be real, it kind of is. Think about it. Lighting a thing on fire and inhaling the smoke is kind of tough, the smoke trailing off of a lit cigarette is appealing, etc. However, vaping has at least the latter covered with robust vapor clouds instead of smoky trails, which is maybe even cooler. So, next time you go out for a night on the town, dress to the nines with an outfit from Saks Off 5th and hit the streets with your vape pen in hand.…

How To Vape Guide For New Generation

In order give up smoking you must realize a few basic things. A quit smoking guide is a must have when to deal with such problems. And here is one designed by us for you all. We will discuss the three most important things you need to understand if you are sick and tried to catch in the smoke prison and let’s ultimate want that smoking liberty most people talk about.

Why Do You Have to Quit Smoking?

Giving up smoking is only possible if the person is a fighter. Yet there are many ways to achieve a strong character and the truth comes out eventually. For example, the promotion of martial arts can help to discover the great potential that is hidden throughout your life. It is not necessary to visit doctors and specialists. Everything you need to do is collect as much information as possible. Imagine yourself living a free of smoking life and enjoying all the additional beautiful aspects of existence.

Step 1 – Quit Smoking Guide

Your first 7 – 10 days will be if you will feel withdrawal symptoms at their worse. At the end of the week from 1 to 2, you will see a sharp decline in carvings. Within 4 hours of smoking your last cigarette, your body is already beginning to go into withdrawal. This is normal. Be prepared with a quit smoking program, written purposes, and particular activities to assist clear your mind and distract you from your cravings.

Step 2 – Quit Smoking Guide

Chances are you will experience at least some of the symptoms in this list:

Once again, these are normal and expected. The best weapon against caving and running back to cigarettes is to support before. The mental struggle is much more difficult than physical addiction. Be prepared to help a friend or family for support. Have a training plan included so you can cause the frustration you may likely creep over you? This helps not only to reach your nerves and to think about smoking, but it also helps to keep weight and make your lungs faster.

Step 3 – Understand the Good Aspects of the No Smoking Freedom

Everyone knows the smoking means death. It kills every second worldwide everywhere; it kills thousands of people every 24 hours. Only a few smokers realize these facts and attempts to assimilate the statistics as a reality which concerns them too. Smoking reveals your ignorance, your honesty to understand the basics of a healthy and enjoyable life. If you give enough courage to give up this, you can easily weaken any other weakness in your daily life. Follow this short, free quit smoking guide and try to understand the concepts.

It is necessary to understand these basic concepts. There are many other methods that can help you achieve a smoking free life (at least most of the so-called specialists claim there are). Perhaps some of you already succeeded giving up smoking using a few other methods like a box mode vap, or any else alternative. Therefore, it does not really matter, as far as you’re concerned about your health and also the health of those who surround you.…